Evaluation Between Hijacksandals and Tufshoes Website Using Usability Testing Application

  • Alda Bella Oseasky
  • Devoni Putri Rahajeng
  • Kamila Aurellia
  • Salma Salsabila


In the field of trade, the existence of internet technology allows business transactions not only to be carried out directly, but to be able to use this technology too. Internet media itself began to be widely used as a medium for business activities, especially because of its contribution to efficiency. Shoe products are very needed item, This has led to increasing number of online shoe sellers because of the opportunity to sell shoes online is very possible to get a high income because of the large number of customers who will buy shoe products via online. One of the websites that sell shoes online is Tushoes.com and Hijacksandals.com. Both websites have a lot of customers so it is quite important for both websites to improve the quality of their websites in order to satisfy customers by achieving their goals efficiently and effectively. Therefore, this research was conducted to determine the level of effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction using System Usability Scale (SUS) questionnaire so that later appropriate recommendations can be given. Based on the results of the System Usability Scale (SUS) questionnaire and the SUS Test calculation, it can be seen that the two websites have quite good results. This proves that the two websites are satisfactory enough, respondents already feel that both websites are easy to navigate because these websites are also online shop websites so they don't have too complicated designs, and respondents also feel that many people will find it easy when using these websites, but the two websites still need some improvements or improvements to the website display design.


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