Interval-Valued Intuitionistic Fuzzy-Analytic Hierarchy Process for Evaluating the Wastes in a Pharmaceutical Company

  • Berker Özkarasu
  • Özge Nalan Bilişik


Pharmaceutical manufacturing is a sector where good manufacturing practices (GMP) practices are applied and any process change will be completed with long processes. In this study, all production steps of a pharmaceutical production facility in Turkey, from raw material to finished product, were examined. Wastes determined using current state VSM were evaluated by IVIFAHP. The study's findings and the operational enhancements demonstrate that using VSM and IVIFAHP is a successful technique for these firms to enhance their processes and hence address their existing difficulties. By offering empirical proof of the application of VSM in Turkey, this paper contributes and can be used as a reference by managers and engineers to carry out particular process improvement initiatives in their organizations that are comparable to the ones described.


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