Development of Student Attendance and Continuous Assessment Performance Dashboard

  • Suhaila Abd Halim


Student performance dashboard provides information on the performance of student attendance and student continuous assessment. The dashboard is important as it is very related to student academic performance. The problem of monitoring during online learning has create an issue in education sector. The objective of this paper is to design and develop student dashboard for lecturer to be able to monitor the individual student attendance and their performance in continuous assessment easily. The dashboard should be able to show the total percentage of student attendance and their continuous assessment performance with relevant visual representation. Regarding student attendance, a warning message will appear in individual student dashboard if their attendance is not satisfactory. This will alert the lecturer to take further action regarding the attendance issue. In addition, the dashboard is also shared with individual student for them to view their own performance to keep their own study performance.  The dashboard act as monitoring platform that give advantages to both sides of lecturer and student. For future planning, the dashboard can be used as overall student performance starting from their first year until they graduated. The dashboard can be integrated with individual student profile that can be added to their digital CV as their performance during studies are recorded and visually demonstrated.


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