Geotagging of Naturally Grown Cinnamon Mother Trees in Don Salvador Benedicto Negros Occidental, Philippines

  • Mary Ann S. Dagunan
  • Windelyn I. Maja
  • Dominic Billen
  • Samuel D. Maja
  • Raymund Carlos


Naturally grown Cinnamon (Cinnamomum cebuense) mother trees at Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental were geo-tagged to determine their geographical location using a global positioning system and transformed into a map with the aid of ArcGIS software. The stem growth (total height and diameter at breast height), stem form (stem straightness, forking, and circularity), tree health, and branching (branch angle, thickness, and persistence) characteristics of those identified mother trees were also evaluated as the basis for determining good sources of quality planting materials. The overall score for every tree was determined by computing the mean score of each individual tree. The major findings of the study showed that there were 16 identified cinnamon mother trees found in different sitios and puroks within the four barangays of Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental, and 12 of them had good physical quality as to stem form, tree health, and branching conditions, therefore they were characterized as good mother trees. Geotagging technology is very valuable for people who need to map trees in places where other methods are not really feasible. It made it easier to track the status of naturally growing cinnamon mother trees in Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental. With these, the public can virtually follow the progress of Cinnamon mother trees from their own computers at any time of day by checking in the Google Earth.


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