Verification of RTKLIB and PPP Methods in Geomatics Application

  • Afiqah Rosly
  • Ainul Rahman
  • Sarah Isnan
  • Adenen Aziz
  • Mohamad Abu Ubaidah Amir
  • Nur Hazimah Nordin


The single GNSS receiver has proved its reliability in providing high accurate position using static solution. The Multi-GNSS satellites and receiver with recent evolving GPS and GLONASS satellites as well as developing satellites such as Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS are being explored and the potentials are not fully discovered yet. For that reason, this study is concentrating on the difference of the Multi-GNSS performances when utilising PPP techniques. Also, this opportunity is used to process data and proved the reliability of a free access software, RTKLIB rather than using a commercial GNSS software.


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