Selective Mutism as Barrier in Sulh Conference Settlement

  • Norman Zakiyy
  • Hasnizam Hashim
  • Maizatul Farisah Mokhtar
  • Dina Imam Supaat


The sulh conference provides opportunities for the parties to discuss openly with each other with the aid of the sulh officer as a facilitator to their discussions. However, current literature on sulh pays little attention to the issue of whether mutism especially selective mutism can lead to non-effective discussion among the parties and the sulh officer. Thus, the main objective of this preliminary study is to analyze the barriers faced by a party who suffers from selective mutism in a Sulh Conference. This study uses a qualitative method through content analysis of relevant library-based materials. The findings show that it is crucial for the sulh officer to identify the presence of the characteristics of selective mutism in a party prior to holding a sulh conference. The barriers faced by persons suffering from selective mutism must be addressed to ensure that the sulh settlement process is carried out justifiably, especially in line with the Sulh Work Manual, irrespective of whether the settlement of the dispute is successful or otherwise. It is suggested that the party suspected of suffering from selective mutism undergo diagnostic screening to determine whether he is suitable to participate in a sulh conference or otherwise.


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