• Hiruni Kanchana Ukwattage


Library websites are essential elements of academic libraries which used to disseminate information among the library users to support their teaching, learning and research activities. It can be identified in different ways as gateway for virtual users, main hub for electronic information and marketing tool of the library. This study analysed the contents of library websites of academic health sciences libraries in Sri Lanka. Websites of Sixteen academic health sciences libraries from universities in Sri Lanka had been examined. Library services, resources and other items available in web content were also studied here. Furthermore, this study attempts to make suggestions on library web contents based on the library websites of prominent health universities in the world by special focused on availability of subject guide, user guide and instructional materials in particular websites. According to the study, Websites of academic health Sciences libraries in Sri Lanka mainly provide services of photocopying services, Inter Library Loan service, Online Public Access Catalogue, reference services while indicating printed, non-printed resources and special collections such as Ola leaf collection, theses and dissertations.  Three academic health libraries which do not have a separate website or a web page are depending on their main library website even though they have separate libraries physically. In Sri Lanka, websites of Academic Health Sciences libraries do not provide instructional materials, tutorials, subject guide as user guide when compared with library websites internationally in respective field. Based on the findings, the study suggested to including such important items into web content. It is essential to revisit on academic health science libraries websites in Sri Lanka and should convert the current web in to more millennial-friendly websites which can be fulfil information needs of health professionals and scholars with comprehensive content.


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