Perception and Level of Interest of Civil Engineering Students Towards the ENT600: Technology Entrepreneurship Course

  • Nor Azmi Bakhary
  • Musmuliadi Kamaruding
  • Nur Kamaliah Mustaffa
  • Norizzati Ibrahim


Entrepreneurship courses have been a part of the Malaysian university curriculum for the past 30 years, catering to students from business, science, and technology backgrounds. This study aims to investigate the perceptions and interest levels of civil engineering students towards the ENT600:Technology Entrepreneurship course. The research employs a quantitative approach through a survey design study, collecting data from 65 respondents through questionnaires. The collected data were analyzed using IBM SPSS version 28.0 software, employing descriptive analysis and independent t-test. The study results reveal that students hold a positive view of the course, with an increase in their knowledge and an improvement in learning abilities. The course generates a sense of satisfaction and enthusiasm among the students. Moreover, female students exhibit a higher level of interest in the course than male students, suggesting possible gender differences in the factors that influence student interest. The findings indicate the need for educators and course designers to consider these factors to develop and deliver courses that are inclusive and engaging for all students. However, the study has limitations, including a small sample size and a focus on a single course. Future research should explore the factors influencing students' interest in different courses and investigate the potential role of gender in shaping these factors.



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