Implementation of Forum Theater as A Teaching Medium of Visual Arts Subject for Upper Secondary to Master 4c Skills of Pak21

  • Nazihan Abdullah
  • Muhammad Faisal Ahmad


This study examines the implementation of Forum Theater as an alternative method of teaching Visual Arts with the goal of mastering the 4C skills of critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication in 21st Century Learning (PAK21). It is done in compliance with the government’s announcement in the PPPM 2013-2015, in which the Ministry of Education emphasised PAK21 in teachings in order to enhance of quality of our country’s education system. If the Moe’s goal in met, Forum Theater could be used as an instructional approach in PAK21 to diversify teaching techniques. The study’s goal is to illustrate the use of Forum Theater in Visual Arts Education in such a way that could demonstrate its suitability as a teaching tool for acquiring the 4C skill of PAK21. as a means of obtaining data for this study qualitative methodologies are used. The researchers utilized the techniques of document analysis, workshop theather and questionnaire


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