The Relationship Between Awareness and Environmental Factor Towards Research Commercialization

  • Samsudin Wahab
  • Nur Azmina Salimi Uzair
  • Mohd Hilmi Elias
  • Syamsul Fitry Ahmad


Commercialization is the period that moves into functional products and production systems over judgments, experimentation, or models that carry the ideal utility, while preparing the item to be quickly produced requiring little to no effort and rapidly dispatched or revised with great planning. Commercialization often entails early description of efficient assembly and graceful chain techniques, concocting methodologies of execution, and upgrading those systems. However, the research commercialization rate among researchers in Malaysia is still at the unsatisfactory level. This study was to investigate the relationship between awareness and environmental factor towards research commercialization A total of 100 university lecturers from public university (IPTA) in Penang who have experienced article publication and commercialization for their research are involved. There was a significant relationship found between awareness and commercialization, the results indicate that as the working environment of lecturers improves, the likelihood of research commercialization will increase. Recommendation and suggestion al given at the end of paper.


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