ICT Education as a Catalyst to Bridge Digital Divide: The Roles of UiTM Sarawak in Rural Areas

  • Sharin Sulaiman
  • Suhaida Halamy


The digital divide is a term where it refers to a gap among those who have better opportunities for the Internet of Things (IoT) and those who insufficiently do not have it at all has become a global concern, affecting a particularly rural community in Sarawak. Thus, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) education would be a catalyst to bridge the digital divide. UiTM Sarawak has a significant role as one of the centers of excellence recognized by Sarawak Digital Economy Corporation (SDEC) to support the Sarawak state for the development of ICT education in rural areas. Deliver ICT education in an integrated manner to rural community become issue and challenge to UiTM Sarawak. The main highlighted issues of this paper are insufficient ICT infrastructure and a deficiency of knowledge of the need of having efficient ICT education of the rural community in Sarawak. This issue will handle as the crucial part in educating and exploring continuous opportunities in bridging the digital divide, appreciations to the initiative done by UiTM Sarawak. The goal is to see if UiTM Sarawak can strategically position itself to help the Sarawak state government achieve its goal of being a digital economy-based state in Malaysia by 2030.


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