Tourism and Hospitality Students’ Perceptions of Careers in the Industry: A Case Study of Politeknik Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin

  • Irda Yusila Yunus
  • Filzatul Syahirah Ridzwan
  • Siti Nurhaliza Azhar
  • Anis Suriati Muhammad Rajis
  • Nur Aidila Harun
  • Muhamad Saufiyudin Omar


The tourism and hospitality industry worldwide has been confronted with the problem of attracting and retaining quality employees. If today’s students are to become effective practitioners of tomorrow, it is fundamental to understand their tourism and hospitality employment perceptions. Therefore, this study examines the tourism and hospitality students’ perception of careers in the tourism and hospitality industry based on three factors: physical working conditions, co-workers, and pay and benefits. This study employed a quantitative and single cross-sectional study. A self-administrated questionnaire was distributed, and 201 students responded. The descriptive analysis results revealed that physical working conditions, co-workers, and pay and benefits show a high level of students’ perceptions of this industry. It implies that focusing on these three factors are critically important to attract students to work at organisations in the tourism and hospitality industry. This study will benefit the students, institution, and tourism and hospitality employers to improve the current situation


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