The Influence of Library Service Quality on Student Satisfaction: A Case Study of Politeknik Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin

  • Muhamad Saufiyudin Omar
  • Nurasyikin Mohd Salleh
  • Norlili Juwita Arshad


The library is a service-oriented institution, widely used, especially among students, to obtain updated and relevant information. However, in the Malaysian polytechnics context, limited studies have investigated the influence of library service quality on student satisfaction. Therefore, this paper aims to examine the influence of service quality, comprising tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy, on student satisfaction. This study employed a quantitative study and a single cross-sectional method. This study also used a survey approach in which 279 students responded to the distributed questionnaires. The multiple regression analysis revealed that service quality, comprising tangibility, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, and empathy, significantly influences student satisfaction. Besides, assurance is the primary element that influences student satisfaction. The study findings showed that improving service quality, especially on the assurance element, is critically important to improving student satisfaction. This study will benefit the students, library management, and Malaysian polytechnics in general, especially in improving student satisfaction in the future. More findings will be discussed in this paper.


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