Implementation of Project-Based- Learning Through MOOC in Developing Communication Skills

  • Nurul Huda Ibrahim
  • Suhaniz Ayuni Shafie
  • Intan Noorazlina Abdul Rahim


This paper aims to identify the communication skills development between pre and post-test by implementing Project-Based Learning (PBL) through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC). Two-way interaction between educators and students aim to enhance communication skills. On the other hand, the learning process has to be more efficient and should involve the students' participation and encourage communication among students. A sample of 152 participants in Kolej Poly-Tech MARA Kuantan will enroll in the Study Skills MOOC module in this study. The quantitative data analysis method was used and analyzed through a Paired sample T-test. The test scores were analyzed using Paired Sample T-Test, and the result indicated that the t value is -18.915. The output of the Paired sample T-Test showed that there is a significant difference in respondents' skills achievement in pre and post-test. The result indicated that the respondent had achieved better skills, which is communication skills, after implementing PBL through MOOC in learning.


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