Implementation of Green Technology in Yacht Boat Propulsion System (Solar Energy)

  • Muhammad Nurhardee Mohd Yusoff
  • Muhamad Ali Romizan


Renewable energy sources have gotten more attention recently as a result of more people doing research into them. Scientists are increasing the exploitation of renewable energy resources across the board as a substitute for fossil-fuel-based technologies due to concerns about future petroleum depletion. Because ships are a vital mode of transportation, diesel oil is required to power their engines and generators, which provide electricity to ships and planes alike. In the past, renewable solar energy was considered the best choice. This is a substitute for fuel in ships that uses it. A solar-powered boat will be developed using the latest solar energy research presented in this paper. The best boat for utilizing solar power while underway is a catamaran. A yacht design with a flat top that allows for the installation of solar panels or photovoltaic (PV) modules. It's only been possible to make a mini prototype of this catamaran due to budget and other constraints. As a whole, it's expected to better inform the public about the advantages of solar energy generated from renewable natural resources and to save on ship operation costs as well.


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