A Review of SEM Characterization for Essential Oils

  • Nur Sakinah Mahazir
  • Siti Amira Othman UTHM


Not only in hospitals, but also in our homes, plant essentials have been used as therapy. We can see diffusers being utilised in the home and business, and they just require a few drops of essential oil. The aromatherapy might help the person relax. Many essential oils, such as lemongrass, orange, lemon, and rose, can be observed because their aromatic compounds can help individuals relax and quiet down. Plant essential oils can also be utilised to treat inflammation, infections, and cancer. Traditional hydrodistillation is the most common method for extracting essential oils, but it takes time and energy. As a result, different techniques have been adopted, such as microwave assisted extraction. Scanning electron microscopy was used to characterise essential oils in this work (SEM).


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