Exploring the Co-movement Between Return and Risk of Mutual Funds

  • Lovenigasri Rajendran
  • Lovenigasri Rajendran
  • Aminah Shari
  • Nurshila Ahmad


The goal of this study is to review the significance of the mutual fund market’s return and volatility and which type of mutual fund has a vital impact which contributes to the understanding of the investor's indicates their investment decisions and identify the past related studies upon the performance of the mutual fund towards aligning to the latest short and long-term strategies for the responsible authority to reorient their policies to ensure the terms of exposure of current managerial actions is heading upon the evolution of innovation. The author has analysed and evaluated a broad range of literature on mutual funds, examining a range of factors and features that contribute to their short and long-term viability and diversification. As a result of their thorough review, the study has identified diverse types of mutual funds indicating that it plays a vital role in the survival and success of these investment vehicles. Furthermore, the current studies delving into a wide range of recognition of the Unit Trust Funds roles for the responsible institutions at domestic and international organisations directed towards establishing a better ailing with better-shaped strategies which are been explored. Yet, the past research has been a gap being explicated due to lack of innovation and this study would like to address the gap and is proposed along with the list of resources for future research with a similar aim. The originality of this study is to ensure that the validity of the research has been well assured by reference to highly indexed articles from various platforms such as Scopus, Web of Science etc. Thus, the purpose of the study is supported with solid justification.


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