The Influence of Financial Literacy on Investment Decision of Balikpapan City Residents

  • Alya Faraz Khanza
  • Astrie Krisnawati


According to a Financial Services Authority study performed in 2017, the level of financial literacy in East Kalimantan was 30.55 percent. East Kalimantan is ranked 13th out of 34 Indonesian provinces in terms of financial literacy with this proportion. According to the East Kalimantan financial literacy ranking, Balikpapan, one of the major cities in the province, witnessed a rise in investment. The purpose of this research is to investigate the significant influence of financial literacy on investment decisions in Balikpapan City. The findings revealed that financial literacy has a significant influence on investing decisions. This shows that the better knowledge and financial awareness of the people of Balikpapan City will be reflected in better investment decisions.


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