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Publication Fee:
Authors are required to pay a publication fee of RM100 or 25 USD upon acceptance of their manuscript for publication in the International Journal of Art and Design.

Membership Incentives:
Upon payment of the publication fee, the author (who made the payment) will be granted a 2-year membership with the International Journal of Art and Design. This membership entitles the author to publish an unlimited number of papers within the given period.

Membership Usage for Co-Authors:
Effective from the year 2024, please note that memberships obtained through payment of publication fees may no longer be used to sponsor co-authors. Only the main author (the individual who made the payment) will benefit from the membership privileges.

Additional Information:
1. The membership period begins upon acceptance of the manuscript for publication.
2. The 2-year membership is non-transferable and applies only to the main author.
3. Membership benefits include unlimited paper submissions during the membership period.
4. Co-authors who wish to enjoy membership benefits are encouraged to pay the publication fee individually.



Please download the Journal Template (2023).