The Usage of ChatGPT as an Alternative Way of Learning

  • Mohamad Hafifi Jamri
  • Zainab Mohd Zain
  • Khairi Khairuddin
  • Noor Afzaliza Nazira Ibrahim
  • NurShazana Abdul Rani
  • Siti Nur Izyandiyana Ab Hadi


The importance of ChatGPT lies in its ability to facilitate communication and problem-solving in various contexts. The rapid integration of artificial intelligence (AI), exemplified by ChatGPT, has revolutionized education worldwide since its launch in late 2022. The potential risks, including over-reliance on technology leading to a decline in creativity and critical thinking, as well as plagiarism concerns, are explored. The study obejectives are to determine the level of effectiveness and acceptance of ChatGPT among students. The research employed a quantitative research design, utilizing online surveys distributed through purposive sampling techniques with 364 respondents. Findings reveal a predominantly positive perception of ChatGPT's effectiveness among university students, highlighting its impact on learning levels (M = 3.18), problem-solving abilities, and information access. Additionally, the study also delves into the level of acceptance, with students recognizing ChatGPT's potential to revolutionize academic tasks (M = 3.26) and its regular use for group projects. These results underscore the transformative potential of ChatGPT in education, emphasizing the need for responsible integration and ongoing research to address associated challenges.


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