The Acceptance of TikTok as a New Learning Platform

  • Rosilawati Sultan Mohideen
  • Siti Nur Farrah Faadiah Ab Ghani
  • Mohamad Razif Ibrahim
  • Ilya Yasnoriza Ilyas
  • Rusydi Mohamad Kamal


TikTok, with its extensive reach and large global user base, stands out as a leading social media platform. Many individuals have integrated browsing TikTok into their daily routines, spending hours on the app regularly. Amidst common feelings of disinterest and lack of motivation in academic pursuits, students seek new avenues for learning. This study aims to assess the extent to which TikTok is embraced as a supplementary educational tool. TikTok was selected due to its significant user population engaged in educational content. Advances in technology facilitate easy access to learning materials through platforms like TikTok. Using the Raosoft Calculator software, a sample size of 411 respondents was determined. Employing a quantitative methodology via Google Forms, the survey was disseminated across various social media channels such as WhatsApp, Instagram, and Twitter. The findings suggest a high level of acceptance of TikTok as a learning platform (M= 3.50), indicating a positive reception among users. Consequently, this research underscores the growing recognition of TikTok as an educational resource.


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