Factors Influencing Quantity Surveying Services Performance in Nigeria

  • Esther Ilori Ebunoluwa Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria
  • Grace Kehinde Ojo Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria


Quantity surveying profession is faced with great challenges
concerning recognition and survival in Nigeria. Usually, this
could be overcome by being proactive in dealing with factors that could influence their
services performance. Quiet numbers of factors are affecting the performance of quantity
surveying firms in Nigeria; which makes their survival to be a matter of concern to the
researchers. Therefore, this paper evaluated the extent to which the performance of quantity
surveying firms is being influenced by internal and environmental factors with a view to
increasing the recognition and survival of the firm in the competitive business environment.
Employee quantity surveyors assessed internal factors while employers of quantity surveying
firms assessed external factors. One hundred and thirty-one (131) respondents comprising
eighty-five (85) employees and forty-six (46) employers of registered quantity surveying firms
were sampled randomly. Data were collected through administration of questionnaire on
influencing factors; the collected data were subjected to mean analysis and analysis of
variance (ANOVA). The findings showed that lack of recognition of the employees by the
management influenced the performance of employees mostly; the employees agreed on the
influence of this factor on the overall performance of firm. On external factors, findings
revealed that technological changes and tough competition have high level of influence on
the performance of quantity surveying firms in the built environment. In addition, the
employers have similar view on the influence of these factors @ p>0.05. The study concluded
that lack of recognizing the employees by the firm, technological changes and tough
competition influenced the performance of quantity surveying services in Nigeria; these
factors had affected the recognition of quantity surveying profession in the competitive
environment. Therefore, the factors should be given adequate and prompt consideration so as
to minimize their adverse effects on the survival of Quantity Surveying Firms in Nigeria.

Keyword: Employee Quantity Surveyors, Employers, Quantity Surveying Firms, Services
Performance, Influencing Factors.

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