Research on the Construction and Dissemination of the Urban Image of Guilin as the 'Best Under Heaven' from an Interdisciplinary Perspective

  • Huangxi .
  • Tengku Fauzan Tengku Anuar


This study, grounded in an interdisciplinary perspective, conducts a thorough analysis of the construction and dissemination mechanisms of Guilin's urban image as the "Best Under Heaven." We begin by conducting a comprehensive examination of Guilin's unique characteristics, encompassing its geographical features, rich cultural heritage, and extensive history. Building upon this foundation, we integrate theories from disciplines such as communication, sociology, and geography, aiming to reveal the intrinsic logic and underlying mechanisms behind the formation of Guilin's urban image. Our research aims to delve deeply into the pivotal role of Guilin's urban image across various aspects. Firstly, we explore its role in driving the city's modernization process. Guilin's distinctive landscapes and cultural resources attract significant tourism and investment, thereby catalyzing rapid economic development. Secondly, we investigate the role of Guilin's urban image in enhancing the city's international visibility. By carefully constructing and disseminating Guilin's image, the city can better attract international tourists and investment, strengthening its connections and collaborations with the international community. (Zhang, Y., & Wu, J. 2023, June). Lastly, we analyze the enhancement of Guilin's cultural soft power through its urban image and its profound impact on the city's development. The city's image is not merely an external representation but also a reflection of its internal strength and cultural charm, attracting talents and resources to propel its sustainable development. Through this study, we not only offer new perspectives and insights into the construction and dissemination of Guilin's urban image but also provide valuable references and inspirations for future research and shaping of urban images. We hope that these in-depth analyses can provide robust support and guidance for Guilin and other cities in shaping their own images and driving urban development.



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