Reimagining Chinese Cultural Images: Historical and Contemporary Elements in Smartphone Case Design

  • Wang Xueting
  • Husaini Yaacob


This paper explores the historical evolution and contemporary representation of Chinese culture in mobile phone case design. The research aims to deepen our understanding of how traditional Chinese cultural elements are represented in mobile phone case design and how contemporary factors influence these designs. Through a historical review, the research revealed the major cultural elements and design trends of different periods, as well as the influence of historical background on mobile phone case design. The study also provides a detailed analysis of the representation of Chinese cultural elements such as dragons, phoenixes, and Chinese calligraphy in mobile phone case design, along with specific case studies. In the section on contemporary elements and influences, the study discuss the impact of contemporary Chinese social, political, economic, and technological factors on mobile phone case design, as well as how globalization and market demand shape the contemporary designs. The research focus on the ongoing importance of Chinese cultural imagery in mobile phone case design, which not only preserves traditional culture but also reflects the development and global influence of modern China. The significance of this study provide understanding on cultural representation and design trends in China’s mobile phone case design, and future research is recommended to further explore the potential of Chinese cultural elements in the particular product design.


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