Analysis of Technical Difficulties in the Performance of Liszt’ Etude La Campanella

  • Chen Shao Zheng
  • Tazul Izan Tajuddin


Liszt’s Paganini Etude La Campanella belongs to a high difficulty etude, which is a piano piece adapted by Liszt based on the theme of III. Rondo "La Campanella" of Italian violinist Paganini’s Violin Concerto No. 2 in B Minor. The author analyzes the creative background, structure, and technical exercises targeted by various variations of Liszt’s Paganini Etude La Campanella, and compares it with different adapted versions, so that performers can master each variation of the main theme of La Campanella and overcome technical difficulties in difficult parts one by one based on a thorough understanding of the work and have a preliminary understanding of the characteristics of Liszt’s arrangement. By comparing different adapted versions of La Campanella, the performer can gain new inspiration from it.


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