Factors Influencing Occupational Stress and Job Performance Among Hospital Staff in Malaysia

  • Asfanisa Asrul Affendi
  • Siti Nurhafizah Saleeza Ramlee UPNM


Abstract: Occupational stress is the main thing that can affect work performance in the long term as well as in the short term. Due to their poor working conditions, health workers are more vulnerable to these psychological effects and become weaker and less effective. Therefore, this study has been focused on hospital staff, this is because hospital staff are plagued with excessive work pressure. Each data was collected through a questionnaire. A total of 186 respondents out of 360 from various positions (doctors, nurses, health care assistants, medical assistants, and other hospital workers) in the hospital. The method used is simple random sampling. SPSS version 25 was also used to analyze the collected data. The data that has been collected will be analyzed with Descriptive Analysis, T-Test, ANOVA and Pearson Correlation. The results that have been found from demographic factors only gender is significant with work performance < 0.05, while for age, education level, work experience and position is not significant with work performance p >0.05. As for the next independent variable is the work environment, it has a relationship with work performance. Whereas, independent variables on job demands, have no relationship with job performance. Therefore, the results found are only in terms of gender differences, and the work environment only affects work performance. Based on the results carried out, it is to give important awareness among employees to overcome work pressure that allows work performance to be improved in a good direction. This study was conducted in order to be able to continue and also provide recommendations in the future.


Keywords: occupational stress, demographic factors, work environment, job demand, job performance



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