Social Welfare Policy Programs in Oman Sultanate: Reality and Challenges

  • Emad F Saleh
  • Hammoud bin Khamis Al-Nawfali


This study aimed to address the social welfare policy programs in the Sultanate of Oman and identify the most significant challenges that may hinder their crucial values, benefits, and implications. Besides, this study seeks to suggest some practical recommendations as fundamental solutions for such challenges. The data collection process was carried out through a questionnaire, and a comprehensive social survey was carried out following the descriptive-analytical approach. Accordingly, social workers, social researchers, and other employees in the public, private, voluntary sectors of social welfare policy programs in Muscat Governorate were included in the survey. Data collection was conducted in May (from the 1st to 29Th) 2016. The results showed that the government, as well as the voluntary sectors, play a significant role in providing social welfare services compared to private sector contribution in this field. The results also indicated that these programs in their current forms could not make a significant change in beneficiaries' quality of life. These programs still face different challenges and obstacles, particularly social, cultural, economic, and legislative challenges.


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