Housing Policy Implementation and Its Impact on Economic Development in Sri Lanka

  • H.D.N.J. Heiyanthuduwa


The construction and use of decent housing affect monetary improvement through its impact on employment, financial savings, investment, and labour productiveness. These records have only these days grow to be broadly recounted. For the reason that 1945, housing specialists have articulated 3 views about the position of housing for financial development. Within the early submit-warfare a long time most writers considered housing as a social expenditure and a drag-on boom. A minority argued that housing can be a critical adjunct to unique improvement tasks, typically in remote locations. housing has increasingly ended up seen as a contributor to growth, not handiest became house building is a prime agency with big multiplier effects however additionally due to the fact housing is visible to have social consequences with various monetary effects. This ancient narrative as to how opinion has changed raises questions as to why it has been modified.


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