New Product Development Using Design Thinking for Fashion Bag Product

  • Naura Bramasti Khalisa
  • Yulianto Suharto


A business must create a product that can fulfil customers’ needs and preferences to increase the customers purchase decisions.  To do a new product development process for a fashion bag product that can fulfil customers’ needs and preferences, the process is conducted using design thinking. It begins by highlighting the growing market demand for clothing in Indonesia and the preference for local fashion brands among Indonesian consumers. The study specifically targets Beyond, a local fashion bag brand, aiming to identify and fulfil customers' needs and preferences. The conceptual framework incorporates design thinking and agile product development, utilising stages such as empathising, defining, ideating, prototyping, and testing. The research outcomes present the specifications for a new unisex bag, including size, colour, material, compartments, zippers, straps, and brand logo details.


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