The Influence of Korean Celebrity as Brand Ambassador for Indonesian Skincare on Consumer Purchasing Intention

  • Anindhita Areeya Drupadi


Companies in the beauty sector employ a variety of strategies to draw clients and achieve a competitive edge. In Indonesia, there has been a phenomenon of several notable local skincare brands using Korean celebrities as their brand ambassador and gaining a lot of attention. The goal of the research was to investigate how Indonesian skincare brand images are impacted by Korean celebrities as brand ambassadors and how it affects Indonesian consumer purchasing intention. This report ought to serve as a reference for businesses looking to maximize endorsements through smart branding. Quantitative method was used and Indonesian customers were surveyed. Purchase intention, brand ambassadors, and brand image are utilized as the independent and dependent variables, and are employed as the main data sources. The research's findings have revealed that Korean celebrities could have an 80.7% brand image effect on Indonesian consumers' propensity to buy, a perceived brand image impact of 24.5% on the willingness of consumers to buy, and an overall image of a brand effect of 23.4% when serving as ambassadors of a brand. Having these celebrities promote Indonesian skincare companies will boost sales and significantly impact Indonesian consumers' purchase intention. Given the study's small sample size and the fact that the majority of the participants were female adolescents and young adults, this result may be difficult to understand. Future studies should include more samples and a wider range of gender and vocations. The results of this study make it abundantly evident that Korean celebrities who represent a brand have a major impact on Indonesian customers' intentions to make purchases and perceptions of that brand. Having Korean celebrities advocate regional skincare enterprises will increase spending by consumers and influence Indonesian consumers' motivation to make a purchase.


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