The Effectiveness of Cinema Advertisement as an Advertising Channel to Attitude Toward Brands

  • Diva Novita Zahrotin Qolbi
  • Nurrani Kusumawati


Nowadays, many brands are emerging and competing to become top of mind of consumers. One way to become top of the mind in the competitive market is through advertisement. The trend shows that every year the amount of advertising spending is increasing and the usage of digital advertising exceeds traditional advertising with a bigger gap. However, with digital advertising, people normally get annoyed and skip the ads which will lead to undelivered messages of an advertisement. On the other hand, traditional advertising, which is often underlooked is able to reach a broader audience and cannot be skipped. The cinema advertisement itself which is categorized as a traditional advertising channel is equipped with multisensory factors that will indulge the consumers to watch the movie and its ads starting from visual, auditory, and tactile. This research aims to investigate the relationship between multisensory, vividness, video advertisement, attitude toward ads, and attitude toward brand variables. Not only that, but this research also provides some recommendations for a better advertising strategy that could be implemented by the advertiser. This research is conducted through a quantitative approach by the online survey through Google Forms with a purposive sampling method. A total of 211 Gen Z respondents are gained from Jabodetabek and Bandung area. For the analysis, the authors utilized descriptive analysis, PLS-SEM, and the Mann-Whitney U test. The results of those analyses indicate that the multisensory effect in cinema has a positive influence on vividness. Moreover, vividness has a positive influence on the attitude toward ads, and so does the attitude toward ads to the attitude toward brands. Not forget to mention, video advertisements also have a positive influence on attitude toward ads.


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