Realizing a Sustainable Trigona Beekeeping Business Through the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Optimization Program

  • Pujangga Reogavi
  • Bambang Rudito


The Covid-19 pandemic has made the beekeeping sector a special attraction for business people. The demand for honey and propolis during Covid-19 is quite high. In the last six months, data shows that around 2.5 quintals of honey have been sold out. The increase is almost 200% when compared to the previous condition (Koswara, 2020). Trigona beekeeping has a fairly good level of efficiency when compared to other types of bees. Therefore, trigona beekeeping can be an option to generate profits and increase income. In order to realize a sustainable trigona beekeeping system, innovations are needed that can drive the transition towards a modern agricultural model. The real problem currently faced by trigona beekeepers in Indonesia is the Production Operational System which still uses Conventional tools, Land Conversion, and Capital to Make Business. This problem can be solved with the help of Corporate Social Responsibility programs from several companies. Options that can be offered from the CSR program include providing assistance such as providing incentive funds to business actors in the agricultural sector to improve their operational systems by creating innovative tools to assist them in raising livestock. Based on very promising prospects, I-NewBee Company is here to create innovative products and offer troubleshooting services for all beekeepers, especially stingless bees. It is hoped that with technology-based products and services that I-NewBee provides, all problems experienced by Trigona beekeepers can be overcome effectively and efficiently so that everyone can experience the benefits for both beekeepers and consumers of products produced from beekeeping.


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