Exploring Companies Perceptions in Employing Supply Chain Management Consulting Services: A Qualitative Study

  • Ariadita Ambara
  • Eko Agus Prasetio


Demand of supply chain management consulting services in Indonesia can be considered high due to several factors such as the continues development related with SDGs, the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic were severing supply chain globally, and the inefficiency in supply chain activities in Indonesia compared with benchmark countries. Based on those factors, Indonesian government underscored the strong needs to accelerate supply chain management through collaboration with the third party’s consultant in order to provide systematic approaches to the supply chain challenges. However, despite the high demand for supply chain consulting services in Indonesia, securing projects remain challenging for supply chain consulting companies. This research is aiming to define the factors influencing Indonesia companies’ preference in using supply chain management consulting services. Qualitative descriptive design was conducted in this research in order to conduct customer analysis and gaining comprehensive understanding of factors influencing Indonesian companies’ preference in using supply chain management consulting services. The results showed that Indonesian companies’ preference in using supply chain consulting services were influenced by several factors, which includes client’s business views, policy, and company culture; supply chain consulting company branding and reputation; supply chain consulting company competency and services; and current business trends, governmental regulations, and international standard. The results of this study resonated how the current disruptions call for business model innovation and digital transformation in supply chain management consulting business, and therefore, the results of this study could be implied to further define the suitable marketing strategy for supply chain management consulting companies operating in Indonesia and other countries with similar sociocultural dimension.



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