Propose Business Strategy and Customer Perception Analysis for A Used Car Digital Platform

  • Kevin Susanto Student
  • Yuanita Handayati
  • Asnan Furinto


PT Digital Mobil Indonesia (DMI) is a digital company, specializing in the sales, purchase, and trade-in of used cars through an online platform called DIMO. DMI is a subsidiary of PT Mobil Indonesia, an Indonesian conglomerate company specializing in the automotive industry. DIMO aims to strengthen its position as a key player in the used car industry by leveraging PT Mobil Indonesia's ecosystem of new cars. This research aims to understand potential consumers' perceptions of DIMO's Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and propose business strategies to increase the volume of transactions for used car purchases. Both quantitative and qualitative research methods are employed for this study. A questionnaire is used as the basis for the quantitative research to understand potential consumers' perceptions, and interviews with DIMO's management provide insights for internal company analysis. The findings of this research provide an overview of DIMO's brand positioning in the market and effective business strategies to enhance the volume of used car purchases through the DIMO platform. Based on the perception of potential customers, the DIMO brand is positioned in third place among all measured variables. The proposed business strategy to increase purchase transactions includes collaborating on a trade-in program, conducting a collaborative digital marketing campaign, conducting price analysis, and establishing a specialized trade-in program for electric vehicles. By understanding potential consumers' perceptions and analyzing the internal aspects of the company, this research offers valuable insights to support DIMO's growth and success in the competitive used car business landscape.



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