Strategic Initiatives To Improve Online Transaction in Bank Lily Indonesia’s Wholesale Banking: Holistic Solution Centric Approach

  • Thessalivia Reza Institut Teknologi Bandung
  • Anggara Wisesa
  • Jacob Silas Mussry


Covid-19 pandemics create not only opportunities across the worldwide banking industries, but also many challenges. Furthermore, banks have to develop and digitize the products, services, and business models. Digitalization is mostly needed in transaction and payment to provide the customer needs, not only for retail customers, but also for wholesale customer as b2b business between banking and the customers. Transaction banking has increased the bank's revenue every year throughout the years, not just globally but also in Indonesia.

Despite of increasing trend of transaction banking in Indonesia, Bank Lily Indonesia hardly maintain the market share between two big competitors in wholesale segments, particularly in cash management transaction volume. So, the main objectives of this research are to understand the condition and main problem of Bank Lily online transaction in wholesale banking. Furthermore, to identify the strategic initiative and construct the implementation of the strategic initiative to improve transactions in Bank Lily’s wholesale banking.

The researcher conducts the conceptual framework of competitive advantage influenced by the internal and external environment. The existence of competitive advantage can be examined by measuring performance, including market share and profitability. Both primary data and secondary data used in this research. Primary data is obtained from in depth interview with the user of online transaction in wholesale banking, while secondary data is from annual report, market data and some company’s internal data.

By using VRIO’s framework in internal analysis and Porter’s 5 Forces in external analysis, the researcher found the root cause of Bank Lily’s market share is lack of prioritization of priority segment to understanding the ecosystem and Relationship Manager (RM)’s workload & lack of support for marketing program. Based on go-to-market strategy, researcher recommend Bank Lily to set the prioritization of the customer and new positioning of the product of transaction banking. Bank Lily also needs to strengthen the sales and marketing team as the important channel to sell the transaction product. And on the product sides, Bank Lily need to optimize the ecosystem advantage as value proposition of Bank Lily’s transaction product.


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