Singapore’s Integrated Resorts: An After-Pandemic Marketing Strategy Attractiveness and Innovations to Attract More Indonesian Visitors

  • Yudo Anggoro
  • Jacob Silas Mussry


Integrated Resorts in Singapore is one of the most popular and iconic destinations for Indonesia travellers and also takes a role as one of the key contributors to the tourism economy. But looking at the current financial report, both Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa have not gained a significant growth in their revenue yet where now it worsened by the pandemic situation. This paper is the first academic research of its kind based on the approach of in-depth interview with Indonesia high income travellers for providing the shifting approach to apply the Business of Integrated Experiences. There will be three innovation areas to focus on: Things to Maintain, Things to Leverage, and Things to Develop. The Business of Integrated Experiences approach is an innovative approach that focuses on creating a holistic experience for customers by integrating various elements of the resort. This approach aims to provide customers with a unique and memorable experience that will encourage them to return and recommend the resort to others. The research aims to explore how integrated resorts can apply this approach to enhance their offerings and attract more customers in a post-pandemic world.


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