Transformative Leadership and Teacher Creativity in the United Arab Emirates

  • Fatmah K. A. A. K. A. Antalie


This realistic study evaluated the association between transformative leadership and teacher creativity in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in public schools. The examination study applied a descriptive investigation design with a quantitative paradigm. A sample of 385 participants were prudently selected from 445000 people using a table developed by Morgan & Krejcie (1970). Evidence was assembled using close-ended questionnaires. Data was assessed using tables, frequencies, percentages, means, standard deviations, bivariate and multivariate regression analysis. The study upshots derived a significant correlation between transformative leadership and teacher creativity in the UAE. The project concluded that transformative leadership is vivacious for teacher creativity and innovations in order for UAE to realize growth and development. From the task results, the scholar recommended that school managers should emphasize the practice of intrinsic and extrinsic motivation of teachers in order for them to build synergies for development in schools in the UAE.


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