Ease of Doing Business in the City Human Resource Management Office of Butuan City

  • Shievah Chates F. Llamo
  • Rosario B. Heria


This study aimed to determine the level of compliance of Ease of Doing Business and efficient government service delivery in the City Human Resource Management Office of the City Government of Butuan. Specifically, this study determined the level of implementation of CHRMO Frontline Services as assessed by the participants in terms of: (1) Citizen’s Charter Provisions; (2) Access to Government Services through Frontline Services (3) Report Card Survey. Descriptive research design was used in conduct of the study. Participants were the internal and external clients of the office. Using the Cochran’s Formula for sample size determination, the researcher selected 200 participants with Systematic Random Sampling as a sampling technique. Overall, the assessment of the level of implementation of the CHRMO in terms of the Citizen’s Charter, access to government service through frontline services and in terms of Report Card survey are extremely high. On the other hand, there was a significant difference between the participants’ assessment of the Citizen’s Charter and their age. However, there were significant differences between the participants’ assessment on the access of government service in terms of Report Card Survey and the participants’ age, gender and type of employment. Further, the level of satisfaction of the participants for all the services rendered by the CHRMO is high. The participants’ assessment of the three components are extremely high, while their level of satisfaction is high. Although the level of satisfaction of the participants were high, still the CHRMO needs to enhance further its delivery of public service


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