Business Model Using Design Thinking Concept for Pet Industry in Indonesia

  • Widyanita Noviani Bandung Institut of Technology
  • Leo Aldianto


: The COVID-19 pandemic that has been present since 2019 has had a significant impact on many aspects of human life. One of the business sectors that has thrived even in the midst of a pandemic is pet industry. The aim of this research is to identify possibilities for business growth in the pet industry. This study attepmts to describe the consumer behavior of pet owners, the pain and gain associated with providing the needs of their pets, and the potential solutions to the challenges that experienced by the pet owners. The design thinking methodology and in-dept interviews with pet pwners as persona mere both used in this study. The stages of design thinking method applied in this study include; understand, define, ideate prototype, and test. Based on this research a quick-commerce platform online app, called Petway apps is being offered to pet owners as a solution. The Petway apps provide solution by addressing all of the pet needs, including providing original pet food brands, with fast delivery services to consumers’ homes at affordable pricing.


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