Moderating Effect of Construction Manager Perspective Toward Leadership Behavior in Decision Making Process and Performance

  • Agil Okta Yohan Ferzia
  • Elok Savitri Pusparini


This research was conducted to determine the effect of TMT cognitive conflict as a mediator variable on the effect between Directive leadership, Empowering leadership and Narcissistic leadership on Strategic decisions comprehensiveness as well as the mediating effect of Strategic decisions comprehensiveness on the effect between Directive leadership, Empowering leadership and Narcissistic leadership on Project performance. The data was collected through on-line questionnaires and analyzed using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM). A total of 109 construction projects in Indonesia participated as research samples. Results showed that Directive leadership and Empowering leadership are types of leadership that contribute positive results to project performance and will increase even more when mediated by Strategic decisions comprehensiveness. But it should also be noted that conflict factors at site manager level can have a negative effect on strategy in the decision-making process and overall company performance. Companies need to educate Project Managers on how to lead a construction project with a directive and empowering leadership behavior and provide education in strategizing decision making during the project.



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