Applying the Business Model Canvas on Haji Yahya’s Restaurant in Ipoh

  • Mohd. Afandi Abu Bakar
  • Aw Yang Huey
  • Mohd. Fareh Majid
  • Normala Ismail


The purpose of this research was to evaluate a business model for Haji Yahya’s restaurant in Ipoh. It is a traditional restaurant situated at one of the busiest roads in the new town. The Business Model Canvas (BMC) applied here consists of customer segments, value propositions, channels, customer relationship, revenue streams, key resources, key activities, key partnership, and cost structure. A qualitative descriptive analysis was used to analyse the data that was collected through focus group discussions and observation. A TOWS analysis was conducted for strategy creation. From the TOWS matrix, alternative strategies in business development of this restaurant were chosen. The authors have suggested several ways to promote the restaurant, such as running happy hour deals, offering video tutorials on how to cook signature dishes, such as rendang tok and chicken rendang, bundling and loyalty offerings, franchising, collaborations with more third-party deliverers, and improving parking by providing parking information to restaurant-goers.


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