Analysis of Factors That Influence Business Strategy Decision Making on Startup Through The Concept of Pivot Strategy

  • Sisca Eka Fitria
  • Gemintang Anugrah Fathurachman Telkom University


The growth of Indonesia's population is in line with the growth of startups every year. Indonesia is one of the countries with the most startups in the world. Not a few startups fail when developing. Startups need to reflect on the company's performance and develop strategies that will be used. This research aims to analyze the factors that influence business strategy decision-making at startups at the Business Incubator in Bandung Techno Park through ten types of pivot strategy concepts. The phenomena in this research were explored using the case study method. The data collection technique was through semi-structured interviews and triangulation of sources by involving startup alumni of the Business Incubator in Bandung Techno Park as interviewees. The interviewees involved were four startup CEOs and one expert. Interviewees were interviewed about the factors that influence business strategy decision-making through the concept of pivot strategy. The most commonly used types of pivot strategies are Zoom-in Pivot, Zoom-out Pivot, Customer Segment Pivot, and Customer Need Pivot. The factors that influence when deciding to use the pivot strategy are customer request, lection of inappropriate target segments, inadequate business vision, incompatible features, and finding new opportunities that match customer needs.


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