Analysis of Consumer Preferences in Choosing Online Food Delivery Services in Indonesia

  • Aulia Salsabila Nurcahyani Telkom University
  • AMA Suyanto


Current technological developments, followed by internet connectivity, are driving the emergence of online food delivery. Now, online food delivery has become a daily necessity. To meet these needs, many companies offer online food delivery services with a variety of services. This shows that consumers are faced with various services or attributes provided by each online food delivery service, so consumers will be more selective in choosing according to their preferences. Therefore, companies must be able to know and understand the preferences and needs of consumers to win against the competition in this industry. This study aims to determine the combination of attributes that are most preferred by consumers in choosing online food delivery services, the most important attributes for consumers in choosing online food delivery services, and the level that is most useful for consumers in choosing online food delivery services. The data collection tool in this research uses online questionnaires to 390 respondents who are online food delivery consumers. The non-probability sampling method was used in this research. The analysis technique used is conjoint analysis. The results found that of the 8 cards, card number 1 was the most preferred combination card by the consumers, which consists of fast delivery, multi orders, COD payment methods, discounted prices, and many restaurant choices. Then the most important attribute to be considered is the time and delivery attribute with a value of 34,934, and the most useful level for consumers is the 24-hour service available with a usability value of 0.290. It is hoped that this research can be a reference for business people in online food delivery in Indonesia to be able to provide fast delivery services to consumers and provide promos in the form of discounted prices so that they can become consumers' choices.


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