Total Quality Management System of Commercial Services Department of Metropolitan Cebu Water District (MCWD), Cebu City

  • Sheena Joy P. Sabijon
  • Janet E. Magno
  • Evangeline Evangelista


The purpose of the study is to evaluate the TQM practice and customer satisfaction levels of the Commercial Services Department in MCWD. A total of fifty MCWD employees and two hundred ninety-eight MCWD customers participated in the study. The sampling method used is Random sampling. Forty-six of the employees were rank and file, while four were managers. Employees answered a modified TQM questionnaire onsite or within the MCWD main office. Statistic mean was used to compare differences between rank & file and managers’ responses. Meanwhile, two hundred ninety-eight customers answered a modified SERVQUAL questionnaire onsite or online. The SERVQUAL questionnaire is a tool that requires customers to rate both their expected and experienced (perceived) services received from MCWD. The researchers hypothesize that there are no significant differences between the expected service quality and the experienced service quality of customers. The study used T-test statistics to test this hypothesis. Results revealed a gap in all MCWD TQM Dimensions; this is specifically true regarding their Communication processes. Likewise, the results of the SERVQUAL survey exposed customers’ dissatisfaction with the majority of the services rendered by MCWD - in particular, the personal services customers received. The findings imply a deficiency in MCWD’s implementation of the TQM practices, specifically on the information exchange between various levels in the company. Additionally, the results suggest that MCWD should enhance their service, especially on personal servicing. Finally, the researchers provided recommendations to aid MCWD in the improvement of their existing practices and enhance their service quality.


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