The Influence of Social Aspects of Procurement on The Sustainability of Knowledge Sharing on Telkomsel Suppliers

  • Hazeli Arwa Mahadika
  • Ratih Hendayani


The telecommunications industry in the current era is an important industry where most people use smartphones or hardware that requires a wi-fi or mobile internet network. Today's telecommunications companies must continue to maintain their quality in providing a network, of course, there are always efforts to develop an internet network owned by a telecommunications company to a place that does not have an internet network at all. development in terms of providing materials and expert technicians in the construction of the network. This background is the purpose of holding this research, this research wants to know whether the social aspect of procurement can affect Knowledge Sharing. Knowledge-sharing suppliers are one way for a company to maintain and manage good supply chain management by sharing experiences, knowledge, and important information. This study uses the SEM-PLS analysis method with a sampling technique using nonprobability sampling with a purposive sampling method, where sampling is by distributing questionnaires to 90 respondents. The results of this study indicate that tie strength, network stability, shared understanding and trust have a significant influence on Knowledge Sharing.


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