Malaysian Males Skincare Product Purchases

  • Zalina Zakaria
  • Siti Qhairunissa Ramli
  • Nursyamimi Zawani Mohd Shoid
  • Ainin Sulaiman


This study examines the purchases of skincare products among Malaysian male respondents. Male respondents were chosen because many previous studies have focused on women. This study analyses the reasons why Malaysian men purchase skincare products, the specific products they purchase and the brands of products they purchase. The results demonstrate that more than 50% of the respondents purchased skincare products to have healthy skin, achieve a good appearance, reduce pimples (acne) or freckles and enhance their self-image. In addition, a higher percentage of the respondents purchased basic skincare products like cleansers. Finally, the brand Safi was purchased by a higher number of respondents than other brands, perhaps because it is readily available in pharmacies, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. These findings may help those in the skincare industry develop future marketing strategies, such as offering products in frequently visited places like supermarkets.


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