From Protests to Politics of Insurrection: New Movement for Indonesian Anarchism Network, Translocal and International Solidarity

  • Aditya Rahman Fadly


This analysis seeks to focus specifically on the ecosystem of the Indonesian contemporary left movement with the background of the study of phenomena “invisible community” militant movement far-left translocal, the Indonesian branch of the Federation of Informal Anarchists (FAI), analytical framework using poststructural theory of anarchism discourse, then providing a theoretical footing for insurrectionist translocal cells actors, has standing position political anti-state identified as non-hierarchical movements, federated forms of horizontal structure, anti-authoritarian, informal clandestine models, the concept of leaderless resistance, violent illegalism such as property destruction, sabotage, arson, setting symbols for capitalism targets, and state actors. The methodology used in this research, based on a qualitative study, aims to analyze the spectrum of radical political movements in the terminology of new insurrectionalism. The author argues that the element of informal cell translocality grows in a local area, practically contributing to the context of the diffusion of transnationalism at the international level. This discussion, based on the chronology of acts of attack from 2011-2021, analyzes the repertoire of strategies, the nature of criticism and the praxis of insurrection, campaigns of violence to achieve political goals.

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