The Effect of Palm Oil Fuel Ash as Cement Additive on High-Strength Concrete

  • Nuradila Izzaty Halim
  • Aidan Newman
  • Muhd Norhasri Muhd Sidek
  • Hamidah Mohd Saman
  • Megawati Omar3


Palm oil production is one of the essential economies of Malaysia. Unfortunately, the by-product of this industry, a massive volume of palm oil fuel ash (POFA), may negatively impact the environment and human health. Hence, this study hypothesized that to reduce environmental or health hazards of the POFA, it could be reused as an additive or replacement in concrete. However, the idea of using the POFA has been chiefly applied to standard-concrete grades, but the use of high-strength concrete in structures is increasing worldwide, including in Malaysia. Hence this paper presents the experiment of the effect of POFA as an additive ranging between 0% and 15% to produce high-strength concrete with good workability. The tests conducted were the compression and slump tests. The specimen used in the compression tests were 100 mm concrete cubes tested in 3, 7, 14, and 28 days. It was found that the inclusion of 5% POFA as addictive to cement in concrete produced the highest compressive strength, 84.12 MPa, on the 28th day of testing. It was also found that its workability was as good as the control concrete. Thus, the utilization of POFA could be considered an environmental-friendly cement additive to be used as supplemental cementitious material to produce workable high-strength concrete.


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