A Preliminary Study on Fine Particulate Matter and Carbon Monoxide at a Cooking Food Sector

  • Mohamad Azhar Mohd Noor
  • Azli Abd Razak
  • Ahmad Zia Ul-Saufie Mohamad Japeri
  • Siti Nurshahida Nazli


The study investigates the trends of particulate matter in diameter 2.5 microns and carbon monoxide in a cooking food sector located in Pulau Pinang. The study aims to assess the concentration of pollutants in a manufacturing area with different food processing. Four sampling locations were selected for the study. Samples were collected at 8-hr Time Weighted Average (TWA) for four consecutive days using IQ-610 Graywolf and EVM-7 following the standard method by the ICOP-IAQ 2010. Data analysis found that PM2.5 had exceeded about ten times the concentration of the regulated standard in a cooking area.  Carbon monoxide had not exceeded the standard in other areas except the grinding area. Temperature levels had also exceeded the permissible range at all locations with more than 30°C. The findings indicate major issues of PM2.5 and temperature which indicate a need for further research to be carried out to tackle the issue.


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