Ceramics Copyright Protection: in China’s Perspective

  • Zhaoxun Cao Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
  • Chen Siqi
  • LI Peirong


Developed countries and regions are gradually shifting their labor-intensive industries to developing countries due to energy and raw material constraints and rising human resource costs. Companies keep their technological development and pattern design in their home countries and transfer their raw materials and product manufacturing processes to developing countries. As a result of these factors, the production of ceramic products in developing countries has increased significantly. From the Chinese side, in 2013, China proposed the "One Belt, One Road" foreign development strategy, which has brought more business opportunities for the ceramics industry and promoted the development of China's ceramics industry. However, behind the strengthening of competitiveness, the weakness of insufficient protection of intellectual property rights in ceramics has also been exposed. As of February 2022, a total of 3,029 court decisions. Therefore, the legislature needs to think about how to strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights in ceramics. This study analyzes the current state of the ceramics industry, and the protection of intellectual property rights in ceramics and incorporates a survey of data on Jingdezhen as a center for the protection of intellectual property rights in ceramics in China. It will provide a good external environment for ceramic enterprises to develop and innovate, achieve a benign mechanism for market competition, protect the legitimate interests of rights holders, stimulate enthusiasm for ceramic innovation and creation, and promote the development of the ceramic industry.


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